"Both Sahu and Michele were working at Yahoo when they met in 2008, although they didn't start dating until May of 2009. What took them so long? Well, like Yahoo's search function, they probably didn't know that they were searching for each other."

"They admire architecture together. They listen to NPR together. Well, he listens to NPR and she listens to him listening to NPR. So  Basically, they're your picture perfect NYC liberal geeks in love. And with this union, they do not remain two NYC liberal geeks in love but one unified French bulldog walking, latte sipping, tech world inhabiting, pasta cooking, Morning Edition appreciating. cookie scarfing, Brooklyn with a backyard dreaming person, with one shared heart, head, soul, dream belief and life."

"Lauren, you looked up to see this charming, handsome, interesting, engaging, marvelous human being standing there, about to be knocked off his feet by your beauty, your energy, the way you carry yourself and your style - "simple and clean" as Chris states. He already knew that you were the one for him, in so many ways. The way you demand respect, which he finds sexy. The way you smile with your tongue pushed up against the back of your teeth. The way you respect the details in everyday life. All of these things were just beginning to emerge from the catalytic change that happened when you two met in that bar back in October."

"Chris, you realized of the magic that she makes happen, even now, so early in your shared life together. Every time she looks at you; every time she places herself in your arms; every time she opens her mouth and music pours out; every time she laughs; all of these details and personality traits are a beautiful contagion that I know you treasure. It means that every day forward will be better than the last. As you told me your your email: "i love her scent and the way she does her hair. I love that she shys away from no challenge and questions everything along the way. Her curiosity on the world unknown is something that I could not shy away from falling in love with. I love her soul because it shines like the stars above us. I love the way she looks at me. I love the way she feels in my arms. I love the beauty marks on her skin. I love her endlessly."

"So Olu begged his sister for her friend's number. And so began many weeks of wooing. Wooing this, and wooing that. Wooing in the morning, wooing in the evening. Wooing especially at tea time. You know how these Brits go. And not all the wooing worked. But Olu was persistent. Olu knew that if he worked hard at his love, if he gave Lucy everything he knew to be true, then it would pay off in the end. Which it did, because here we are, standing in this majestic train station, on the other side of the great Atlantic pond, sharing their love with all of you. At least until you realize youre late for the 1:06 to New Haven."

"When, exactly, did Olu know that Lucy was the right woman for him? When was he ready to dedicate his existence to the body and mind of another living creature? It was a number of moments, because, what else is this life we love but all the most glorious moments with one another? For example, one moment of Olu's realization of his love for Lucy was the first time he shed tears in front her - a moment of un-reservedness. Another moment must have been when all their friends kept remarking upon how "in tune" they are with each other, over and over, again and again until it stopped making them smile and just became a fact of their interwoven life, proof of their rhythms in sync. Yet another beautiful example of Lucy and Olu's rhythms in sync would have been when Olu started to finish Lucy's sentences, and she started to finish his."

"As Each partner gives their heart to the other, more then just their heart is given. It is an exponential giving - like two hearts have the power not of two hearts but of hearts squared. And four hearts is more hearts and more love and givingess is what builds a more together world."

"Both Noa and Julien are compassionate people - whether its adopting a crazy, deaf stray cat from the back of a taxi on the FDR drive, or travelling back and forth from Canada to the States because neither could imagine being with anyone else." 

"We are gathered here today, in this vivacious city, on this beautiful autumnal day, on the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge, an international symbol of strength and unity, to join Ashley Mackin and Sean Brody in wedded bliss."

"Sean jokes about her smile but knows that he would be lost without it. Ashley jokes about Sean's feelings, but knows that they are true and honest and heartfelt."

"What does the future have in store for these two lovebirds? Well there's holding hands and skipping down the road and smiling and laughing, of course. Ashley's two dogs are enough family for now, but like cities, like the pattern of people as they cross the rivers and roads that come between us, Ashley and Sean will work hard together at a life that will only be more powerful once they are joined."

"In order to get to know how Lauren and Christopher discovered, a scant 88 days ago, that they were the only ones on planet Earth made for each other, I asked them to share their charming, quirky, pleasant, oh so Canadian story with me. They met at the Commonwealth Stage and Bar in Calgary, where Lauren was on a stagette. Whats a stagette? It's a uniquely Canadian form of female bonding in which the partygoers' primary objective is to embarrass a soon-to-be-married member of their clique, but, being Canadian, they do it in the nicest, most non-confrontational way possible. As it goes, Lauren was being hit upon by a mutual friend, whom they now refer to as Cupid. Ah Cupid, wise in the ways of love, not very wise in the ways of mixing your liquors. Cupid attempted to get you, Lauren, to slam a whiskey shot, a tequila shot and a second whiskey shot in quick succession. Had you downed this "whiskey sandwich," Lord knows what could've happened. Heavens forbid, you could've gone home with Cupid himself, that dirtbag. Thank goodness you didn't. Thank goodness that Chris happened to be standing there, right on the other side of Cupid, just waiting for the opportunity to swoop in, save you from 2 of the 3 shots by valiantly drinking them himself, and then protecting you from nasty things done by drunken cherubim."